Adoption List:

The following artists have not received a picture for a round because another artist failed to keep up their end of the deal. Artists feeling charitable can volunteer to create a picture for one of these people to make up for the art they missed.
Artists who adopt will get a link on the Links page (or higher placement, if they're already on it). Brightening another artist's day is the biggest reward.

Hawk didn't receive 3 pictures (from envirion, Leith Mantara, onepieceofshitake)
Emiko didn't receive 1 picture (from Unoriginality)
Andrew didn't receive 1 picture (from Rikku Oh Ki)
Uncreativity didn't receive 3 picture (from Endjoi, Jennie, Jason)
Lao-Z didn't receive 1 picture (from L. Buff)
Tranquil didn't receive 1 picture (from Emiko)
Chaypeta didn't receive 1 picture (from Little Artist)
Maggie Griffin didn't receive 2 pictures (from Tessa, Iggy)
Keffy didn't receive 1 picture (from Darkartist)
Tozoku didn't receive 2 picture (from Fireserpant, Xylian)
Fireserpant didn't receive 2 picture (from Keffy, Chaypeta)
FK didn't receive 4 pictures (from RDKitsune, Spencer Williams, Leona, Silver_Wolf)
A. Twu didn't receive 2 pictures (from Jessica, Kyan)
Soniata didn't receive 2 pictures (from Dreamoflife, Zethias)
Stareyes didn't receive 5 pictures (from Damita, Zach, Ocean, Gigas Orion, Rin)
Zethias didn't receive 1 picture (from Garnet)
pheionx2 didn't receive 1 picture (from Gabriel)
Cheeko didn't receive 1 picture (from Zenstrive)
Eliza didn't receive 2 picture (from Just-Jake, strawberryp0cky)
Alsn didn't receive 1 picture (from pheionx2)
Gigas Orion didn't receive 1 pictures (from Anke)
Odd didn't receive 1 picture (from Mr. Riot)
Dot Warner didn't receive 1 picture (from Kurokari)
JiminycricketX didn't receive 1 picture (from Odd)

Submit the URL to your adoption art directly to us! Be sure to tell us who it's for.

A few notes about the Adoption List:
- All attempts have been made to link to these artists' character lists or galleries. If you have questions, please e-mail us using the e-mail address above.
- Consider doing an adoption for an artist who hasn't also landed themselves on the Blacklist first.
- Once an adoption takes place, the blacklisted artist who originally failed to send their submission is NOT off the hook. They must still finish their submission.
- Upon receiving adoption art, the recipient's name (or at least one case of unreceived art) will be removed.
- If the delinquent artist turns in their missing art, that case of unreceived art will be removed from the adoption list.