July B 2007

A. Twu's picture of Kevin Heyman's Terry Lindal
"Lindal Pest Control"
"Terry Lindal is a knight in training, defending small town Mississippi from the mythical beasts that have been terrorizing America since 1975." A. Twu's website

David Davis's picture of FK's NATHAN PARKER
"This guy is just pure class, to put too much around him would detract from that. Other sizes available if wanted." David Davis's website

Modesty's picture of Jopdance's Sibanda
"Story Weaver"
"Her storyteller version. I had a lot of fun with the magic effects on this one. I think I went overboard. ^^; But I like it. Cheers." Modesty's website

Kara Dennison's picture of Nataka's Crys and Hime
"The Princess and thePauper"
"They're so cute ... but they had no art! So here's some art. I like how Hime's sparkly tiara came out." Kara Dennison's website

JiminycricketX's picture of Enshohma's Seta Alexandra
"This was a pretty fun little submission. i've been precticing some backlighting lately, and I think I did it pretty well on this one." JiminycricketX's website

FK's picture of thewavertree's Doubt
"I didn't include the original design for his clothes (as for the pattern on his left sleeve etc.) but I hope you still like it." FK's website

Anke's picture of Gigas Orion's
"Sorry this is ridiculously late and not exactly exciting, but after way too many attempts at something more interesting I just wanted to get over with it." Anke's website

Kevin Hayman's picture of Kaede's Dahlia
"Dahlia: "A Good Day""
"I liked the idea of a day dreamer with a mop. I've been there so this really struck a cord with me. I only wish I had more time to work on the background." Kevin Hayman's website

Dot Warner's picture of David Davis's Dash Kameku
"Occupational Hazard"
"Dash receives a, um, overly enthusiastic welcome when he stops by during the exchange round. Like I could resist this idea." Dot Warner's website

JopDance's picture of Eliza's Matthias, Molly, Joe
"I hope you like it! :D" JopDance's website

Enshohma's picture of Stareyes's Rikayo
"I decided to draw Strey's Rikayo. Its fairly close to his likeness, but felt his outfit needed work, especially since he's an alien and had to do something slightly outside the 'human' norm. The triangle pattern was probably inspired by the art direction from the 2003 Japanese superhero series "Abaranger", which was the basis for "Power Rangers Dino-Thunder". Enjoy!" Enshohma's website

Tozoku's picture of Kara Dennison's Cyclops (and Macro-chan)
"Insert spider pun here"
"Cyclops is so cool. 8D I did a few sketches of Unicron, too. I hope you like them~" Tozoku's website

Nataka's picture of JiminycricketX's Milo
"..." Nataka's website

Hawk's picture of Rin's Margarita
"I thought about putting an apron on her, but I decided that I didn't want to cover up her awesome outfit." Hawk's website

Kaede's picture of Modesty's Lucifer and Glaraphim
"It feels like its been forever since I last inked a drawing. I'm rusty! But I like the relaxed, gentle atmosphere of the drawing. I love how content Lucifer looks with his son. Aww." Kaede's website

Stareyes's picture of caliglith's Cornilias
"Sorry, the composition's kind of boring. I do think I'm doing better at watercoloring hair and faces. Clothing not so much." Stareyes's website

thewavertree's picture of Hawk's Tadashi
"Bring It"
"Ack! I've run out of time! I'm really sorry that this isn't shaded or anything, Hawk. I promise I'll shade it soon! I just wanted to submit it before the deadline. I hope you like it!" thewavertree's website

Eliza's picture of John Durham's Total Squid
"Total Squid"
"I'm not sure if "Total Squid" is the character or just the concept, but she's cute. Also, I decided I really like drawing leering squid." Eliza's website

caliglith must make a picture for Dot Warner
Rin must make a picture for A. Twu
John Durham must make a picture for Tozoku